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Welcome! Here is Our Rules-


:bulletblack: Be respectful to one another. This is common courtesy, I expect you all to be respectful to your fellow members, and to stray from saying anything negative, degrading, rude, and/or disrespectful at any time, and under any circumstance. The point of the group is to bring Bronies with the common interest and love for grimdarkMLPcontent together, not to insult eachother or bag on other's art/fanfics or otherwise.

:bulletred: No Spamming. I encourage the sharing of art/fanfics/etc, but I would not appreciate for you to spam the group. If you do so, you will be warned. The no spamming rule also goes along with a very lenient quality rule. I know not everyone creates things at the same level as others, but I would like you to submit things you Put Effort Into. This means no half-assed pics, and no Fanfics with horrible grammar. You know when you don't put any effort into your drawings, so please don't post things you don't try with. As for fanfics, a few spelling mistakes are understandable; but if your story has no paragraph breaks, your 'I's are constantly lowercase, your grammar is completely off, and sentence structure to the point where the story is painful to read, Do Not Submit It. If you need help with a proof-reader, I would be happy to proof-read for you, and I'm sure others are willing if you ask.

:bulletblack: Please Submit in The Right Folders. If your part of any other MLP groups, I can almost guarantee that the Admins of those groups have complained at least once about people not submitting their Deviations in to the correct Folder. Submitting into the right folder is easy if you take the time to read the folders that are available to post in. If however you find yourself in the situation where you absolutely are not sure what folder to submit into, there is a 'Where Does This Go?' folder in the gallery. If you submit to this folder, I will decide where it should fit, and move it for you.

:bulletred: Mature/gorey/sexually themed content and Course Language. As I already stated before, those sorts of things are to be expected in this group. All I ask, (As you are required to do by Deviantart itself) is to please put the appropriate level of maturity Tag onto your Deviations. This is self-explanatory in its own way, you know when something is to gorey for people under 18, etc. Tag it that way to prevent issues for both yourself, and the group.

:bulletblack: Language. While it is completely up to you if you have curse words/course language within your Fanfics (Should you tag it with the correct Maturity Rate), it will not be ok to use any such language around the group boards, comments, etc. You will not say anything of the sort as a comment to anyone's deviation. This ties in with the respect Rule. I know how people talk, some curse, others don't, some curse a lot. While it may be acceptable in your home, it is Not acceptable here, and I would ask that you follow that rule.

For now, those are all the rules until its necessary to add more. I hope not, (unless I'm forgetting something) the point of this group is not to be super strict with rules, or mature content. I want you to have fun and enjoy reading/observing the submissions that are made!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note, or you may post in the comments, though I would prefer for you to send a note.




Fallout: Equestria Girls by jake-heritagu Fallout: Equestria Girls :iconjake-heritagu:jake-heritagu 121 17


Hello all, here is
:iconscarletsfeed: - the admin of the group here to welcome you to Fallout-EquestriaFoE! Here is a group dedicated to all art and literature that is based off or is about the wonderful universe of Fallout Equestria! A group where it is welcome for all fan art and the submission of your own OCs and Literature!

Please send me a note or a comment if you'd like a folder added for a character from a side story I have not already added! I will be happy to add a folder for another story (Pink Eyes, Outlaw, etc).

I HIGHLY encourage the submission of OCs and everything in between fro your own characters living in the WasteLand! I myself have quite a few and I'm sure there are those of you out there who do as well!

Please take a look at the rules to the LEFT of this box- just keep them in mind I am usually very lenient on many things . ^^

Don't hesitate to ask questions! I wont bite, I promise!

Have Fun!

Thanks to JustMoth for the lovley logo!

Blackjack Stamp by buckfan902 Deadshot Calamity Stamp by buckfan902 Velvet Remedy Stamp by buckfan902 LittlePip Stamp by NovellaMLP Fallout: Equestria Logo Stamp by BurlapBag Morning Glory Stamp by buckfan902 Grand Pegasus Enclave  Stamp  for Brisineo by Daring-Dash-Hoof



Hello everyone! For any of you who saw, one of my latest polls I suggested next instead of opening Request Slots, I do a raffle instead! Many of you seemed to think it was a good idea, so here we go!

I will be opening TWO different Raffles~! One Raffle will be this one- a PONY RAFFLE! The second Raffle will be a WARRIOR CATS Raffle! (I really wanna get back into the Warriors fandom, since I'm still writing my own Warriors story that you all have yet to actually see.. hehe...)



Bouncing 3D MLP Logo by SnoopyStallion

Scarlet's New Years MLP Raffle!

So, for this Raffle I will be offering three prizes instead of one, since my largest watcher group is for the MLP fandom, and I hope it will bring more people than just my watchers in! :3

.:+:. How This'll Work! .:+:.

I will be selecting the winners by pulling numbers from a random number generator, where each person who enters is assigned to the number their username appear on the favorites list of this journal!

RaffleNumbering by ScarletsFeed

Your number will correspond with the number that appears next to your username on this favorites window! These numbers will be how my winners are chosen, so once you favorite this journal, don't un-favorite it! Alright?!

.:+:. So what do you have to do? .:+:.

It's simple! All you have to do is FAVORITE this journal, and you're automatically entered! :D And NO, you don't have to be a Watcher to enter this! (Of course, new Watchers are always appreciated! :3 )

.:+:. When Will the Winners be chosen, and the Raffle End?  .:+:.

:bulletpurple: The Raffle, and the last chance to enter will be just before the numbers are chosen! :bulletpurple:

:bulletpink: I will be pulling the numbers, and announcing the winners; at Midnight (East Mountain Time, USA) on January 1st, 2017! :bulletpink:

:bulletred: SO, your last chance to enter will be at 11:59 pm on December 31st, in East Mountain Time. Since the favorites are time stamped, I'll know if you entered after this time! So, if you're in a different time zone, best bet would be to enter before this time comes! :bulletred:

.:+:. You CAN DOUBLE your chance to be chosen in the Raffle! How??  .:+:.

This is where it's gonna get interesting! I'll be using a random generator, and inputing the numbers myself- so I decided to sweeten the deal a little, and make it possible for you to get your number put in twice!


:bulletgreen: You must share this Raffle! I want more people than just my watchers to get involved, so I'd like you guys to share this Raffle with other people, and hopefully we'll have lots of people joining in!
:bulletgreen: When you share the journal, don't just link to it! Please, say something small, encourage other people to join, or even explain it a little!
:bulletgreen: You MUST, MUST link my Username in the Journal! I need to know you made it!
:bulletgreen: I will add every journal I see shared to a section in my favorites under the name "Pony Raffle Shared Journals". If you don't see your Journal in that favorites folder, I wasn't notified you made it, so please comment below with your journal so I see it, and can add your number to the Raffle pool a second time!

.:+:. The Prizes! .:+:.

:bulletblue: Prize #1! :bulletblue:

The first number that is pulled from the number generator will be the 1st Prize winner! This winner will receive a Fully Lined, colored, and shaded piece of their choice!

:bulletorange: Can be any OC or Cannon Character!
:bulletorange: It can include up to Two Characters!
:bulletorange: Comes with a detailed BG of your Choice!
Anastasia {Art Trade} by ScarletsFeed Speckle Fall {Art Trade} by ScarletsFeed


:bulletgreen: Prize #2! :bulletgreen:

The second number that is pulled from the number generator will be the 2nd Prize winner! This winner will receive a Fully Lined piece, with simple Flat Color! (No shading)

:bulletorange: Can be any OC or Cannon Character!
:bulletorange: It can include up to Two Characters!
:bulletorange: Comes with a detailed BG of your Choice!
FlatColor by ScarletsFeed


:bulletpurple: Prize #3! :bulletpurple:

The third number that is pulled from the number generator will be the 3rd Prize winner! This winner will receive a Full, clean Lineart piece of their choice!

:bulletorange: Can be any OC or Cannon Character!
:bulletorange: It can include up to Three Characters!
:bulletorange: Comes with a detailed BG of your Choice!
Lineart by ScarletsFeedLineart1 by ScarletsFeed

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